Thank you for visiting my Web Site.

I will provide a strong voice for residents of Ward 4 in City Hall.

People should know who their Councilor is.  They should be able to easily contact their City Councilor and expect to receive a timely call back.   Whether the concern is sidewalks, speeding on side streets, problems with trees, development around the hospital, odors from the Crow Lane landfill, or citywide issues, I pledge to be available.

I promise to be a positive force on the Council. 

All too often policy differences on critical issues are presented as being a choice between two strongly opposed perspectives.  I do not see policy challenges as a stark choice between black and white.  It is time to end the divisiveness and begin working together.

I’m committed to seeking property tax relief through smart economic growth. 

Newburyport should have the best education system, public services and infrastructure in the Commonwealth.  The only way to accomplish this without overburdening taxpayers is to attract new sources of revenue.